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Arctic snowmobile safari

Duration: 4H00 

Picnic lunch included

From Vuollerim we propose an arctic snowmobile day tour. After a little welcome coffee, initiation briefing and securities instructions. Two people per snowmobile, departure for a ride into a deep white forest. We will take tracks and trails between frozen lakes and taiga. Alternating landscapes frozen by the cold. Under the snow, tundra spreads its carpet of moss and lichen among arctic birches and dwarf willows. The marshy moor is also frozen sheltering berries. A landscape of conifers, pines, firs and spruces forming “candelabra” trees in extreme cold. If we are lucky, we could see reindeers who are in this area during winter time. A soft and beautiful day trip particularly varied. Picnic lunch around a fire place. 

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Cercle polaire.JPG

Polar Circle

Duration: 4H30 

Picnic lunch included

Welcome to Vuollerim and departure for a great discovery day. Aboard our four wheel drive we leave in the direction of Nattavaara. A vast area of primary forest bordering by the Muddus National Park, classified as a World Heritage region of Lapland in 1966. Strongly marked by the last glaciations, the southern part that we travel is made up of plains, peat bogs and of a vast taiga forest. The landscapes are typical and very authentic. We mainly evolve off road. We will observe and try to find reindeer, moose and ptarmigan. Twice we will cross the Arctic Circle. Lunch at the surprising Arctic Circle Lodge fire place. A wonderful exploration visual day for nature and photography lovers.

Canoe day trip.JPG

Between lakes and taiga

Duration: Day 

Picnic lunch included

Meeting point at Jokkmokk and departure towards Karats. A day trip expedition aboard an indian canoe. After 55 minutes off road the Scandinavian mountains appear. A unique three-dimensional landscape for a one-day discovery between lakes, taiga and mountains. we're now in the heart of an intact and preserved nature. We will go in search of a small sandy beach where we will set up our base camp and where we will organize a lunch around a fire place. Shallow waters are a swimming invitation and you have a good opportunity to be disconnected and recharge your batterie.  

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