A la carte stay...

We welcome you to our home in Swedish Lapland in Vuollerim a few steps from the Arctic Circle.  


Kuksa & Cabin is the promise of a tailor-made stay, a concept  exclusive just for you or just for you 2 ! The unique opportunity to discover alone or in pairs the astonishing diversity of Lapland, lakes, rivers, Sami culture, boreal forest, Scandinavian Alps, fjords, wild animals, aurora borealis, fishing, bivouac, road-trip... 

A concept based on the exploration of a life-size territory. An à la carte stay under the sign of discovery, animal watching, fishing, photography, canoeing, evenings under the stars, dog sledding, snowmobile, northern lights, road trip...

Muddus National park.jpg
aurore boréale Laponie
séjour en Laponie
séjour en Laponie.JPG

Disconnect from the modern world.

Connect to the splendors of a wild territory

Live to the rhythm of the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun